Friday, December 05, 2008

And the seasons they go round and round and the painted pony goes up and down

The ten inches of snow never fell, but we did get a nice 6 inches or so in two installments, with the next two snowfalls forecasted for this weekend. So December rolls winter in with no sort of hesitation. Hello white stuff: soft, fluffy, glistening, and cold, slippery and heavy. Julian doesn't seem to notice the cold on his walks to school. "Feels normal to me," he says, with his too short pants and almost too small tee shirt. He rejected last year's boots as "way too small" and walked to school in his tennis shoes. At least he wears gloves and his hooded jacket when he bikes through the snowy side streets. He has gone though a serious growth spurt in the last few months. Taller, thicker (which doesn't mean much for his skinny bones), sassier and more confident (do these two go hand in hand?). He needs and wants me less and less these days, and admonishes me for being too nosy and caring too much about the minutia of his daily assignments and grades. Independent bound, I guess, and that just great for me. Except when he doesn't do things my way, all the time (ha)! Maia too has scooted up the growth chart, given up her diapers and Nuks, gotten a short, (almost tangle-free) haircut and walks upstairs and downstairs without needing accompanying. I am still using most of my free time to finish up my last two projects for class (a book and a textile meal) and getting terribly distracted by the colorful wool roving that is calling out to be made in to felted fruit and cute little animals, faeries and dolls.

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