Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Great Indoors, Part One of Many

I guess we have transitioned into winter living as evidenced by the increased indoor activities and messes that have appeared around the house this week. In one scene, Julian teaches Maia how to take play dough fun to a new level by plastering her cars to the dining room wall. Board games have also made a comeback for Maia. We dug out and played some cooperative games by Ravensburger like Snails Pace and Domino's, which are super gentle and fun, as well as our own version of Candy Land in which we disregard all rules entirely and go hopping along the squares munching all treats in sight. We play memory (another modified version) with all tiles facing up, taking turns picking one and having the other find the match.
And then there is some reading going on. Pictured also is Julian enjoying an Onion article with a headline that goes something like "Math Teacher Ruins Weekend with Senseless Homework" but probably not using quite such 'polite' words. John is reading Rick Riordan's fourth book in the Percy Jackson series aloud to Julian at night and both of us are enjoying reading John Birmingham picture books to Maia, along with the usual fare of Dora, George, Elmer, Froggy, Little Bear, Clifford, the pigeon and those darn talking cars. So we begin this snowy season.

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denise said...

Cute photos. We have been having the escalating inside play - legos, forts, or my the couch cushions to make a "jungle gym". ;)