Monday, December 22, 2008

On the cold day

"I'm writing my name on the cold day" - Maia scratching into the frost on Julian's window.

Yesterday was the shortest and one of the coldest days of winter yet. Mai extended her nap and almost slept through dinner. Who could tell if it was day or night? The temp was in the negatives, so the dog walking and snow clearing was done with efficiency else the wind brought tears to the eyes. Getting us through are the celebrations coming soon, a few warm fires, visits from Grandpa and Nana, kid sleepovers and lots of indoor play. A few of my favorite things this last week included seeing Julian in a buttondown shirt and tie for winter chorus (second from left, top row), eating warm tapioca pudding out of the pot, listening to the Verve remixed Christmas, Hanna Andersson's winter sales on outerwear and underwear, Trader Joes peppermint joe-joes from St. Nick, the classic 1985 Live aid video of "Do they know it's Christmas," having a lap full of sewing projects, Jan Brett picture books, a reupholstered couch and a little drooling over the gorgeous Waldorf toys from Nova Natural . What I'm not particularly liking is Mai waiting to go potty until it is nearly a natural disaster and of course saying she does not have to go just minutes before. Any tips? It has been a long time since we last went through this phase. "Come pee with me, I'm lonely" is only occasionally working :).

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Brian said...

We need some help on the potty front, too. Sam was doing well for a while but lost interest, and Caleb will sit but not actually...umm...perform.

Here's hoping you all stay warm and dry through the holidays!