Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow blowing, ice chopping and a very large pair of boots

Since we now have a corner lot, the snow blowing, shoveling and ice chopping had increased threefold, and since John works often late into the evening, I have taken on snow removal with an obsessive-compulsive attack plan. First, snow blowing, then shoveling, then salting, then chopping, then shoveling some more. It is quite good exercise, as long as you 'bend with the knees' and a rather good way to get out the week's worth of frustrations. Sure, my snow blowing handling is a bit wild (picture me chasing a smoking, revving snow blower down the block...), but I'll get that in time. It's when I hear on the news that the arctic blast is heading this way and am compelled to drop everything and finish clearing what is left of the melting ice in the driveway that I wonder if I am turning into John's father. He has been known to clear two or three walkways before the oatmeal water hits the pot. Maybe this is what home ownership does to folks who happen to be at home more than they are away.

As for the very large pair of boots, those belong to Julian, who now does not fit into an 7 or an 8, but now a 9. That is a men's size NINE. No more cute, bright colored, puffy boys boots. Now it is all big and clunky and twice the price.

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