Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day - playing doctor

We've had a few runny noses this week, so it wasn't a bad thing that a foot or more of snow fell in the last few days. Today is officially a snow day, schools, universities, libraries, museums, whole villages closed while the final inches of thundersnow fall, blow and drift. Except the hospital never closes and John has a consult or two to attend to today. We've got a stock pile of winter books to read, lots of kid movies and a playdate scheduled for later in the day. I admit I am enjoying this, for now. The excitement of winter storms, the knee deep snow, watching the dog jump and bite and attack the snow, being snuggled in deep under warm blankets with no pressure to go anywhere or do anything but whatever becomes necessary. It isn't bad, for now. So we play doctor, build castles and read books and watch the white wind blow out of the frosty window.

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