Sunday, December 28, 2008

Winter at the nature nook

Finally sunshine. The little one goes to work fluffing snow, arranging pine cones, making sure the bird is warm and freeing the lamb from his collar and bell.

While we slept, soft snow fell on trees, animals and winter children.

The snow goes away, for now. A red pine cone takes the nest and a woolly lamb snuggles in winter girl's lap. The little one wanted to take winter girl's jacket off because the sun was out, but I said we had to wait until spring. (Because it is *felted* on!)

A cloud-nest gathers nearby.

Pine cones are dipped in snow, felted evergreens and stuffed trees are tucked into snow drifts.
I guess I love this play as much as the little one!

Winter bird finds the nest.
And the little one finds the egg!

Happy Sunny Winter's Day

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