Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Inside the glass dome, walking through the arid dessert, greenness appears in all forms. Flowery and shiny, grizzled and furry, spiky and sharp, wiry and reaching, always, towards the sun.

We had a lovely visit from Auntie Steph, Uncle Pete and cousin Olive. Since they came during such cold weather, we visited the children's museum, the aquatarium and the domes (which has it's annual train display in the show dome). We ate yummy Indian (thanks Jen for planting the idea of Bombay sweets in my brain!), has a late Christmas celebration and went out for a Mexican dinner while the grandparents (thank you!) watched the kiddos. As for The Road and book club, thank goodness we has such delicious samosas, bobotie (South African curry) and sweet treats that we didn't have to eat our lovely guest, Steph!

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denise said...

Cute pix. This was our first year going to the show, and my boys loved it too. A good excuse to make a trip to the Domes.