Monday, January 26, 2009

Fly-flappers and Flit-a-dees

If you ever watched Winged Migration you might remember how the film documents the bittersweet journey of geese, cranes, swans, pelicans and other birds across the continents. During a particularly whiny with a drippy nose day, Mai and I snuggled up and watched this movie.

"Is that a sad song?" Maia asks.
Hmmm, what do you think? I say.
"It is. Why do they have to flap away?"

I explain a bit and tell her a few names of the birds that are migrating. She says: "No Mama Shana, those are fly-flappers," or "ming wings" or "flit-a-dees."

"I wish I could fly to a warmer place... so fast. Are they going to mexican?"

We have been reading books about backyard birds and made a few of Denise's pine cone feeders and now whenever Maia sees a bird, she says, "oh, that's a black-eyed centra cope!" (huh?) I suppose if someone were telling me strange sounding names all day, I might want to tell them a few too.

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Brian said...

This is awesome. Every kid should be allowed to make up their own names for the things of this world.