Friday, January 16, 2009

In a blue cloud-cloth

Bluish shadow snow heaped in mounds slope up and down the block, rooftops are sculpted round with creamy white frosting. Frost feathers across the glass windows, scratching stars and forests and muting the view like glass blocks. A croupy cough crackles the air and my brain swims in a pool of sleeplessness and anxiety; the plans and schedules and routines wiped clean again with illness and cold weather warnings. Just when you think family life will "normalize" it gives you a shot of panic and pours a bucket of ice water over your head. Juj had the croup when he was Maia's age and I remember walking around the block in the dark night with a small boy wrapped blankets hoping the air would soothe his cough. But now the wind blows in at an icy -17 and we stay put, wrapped in knit blankets, wool socks pulled up to the knees and as much fleece as possible.

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Christi said...

Winter bugs, how I hate them. I just read a quote by Jack Newman (paediatrician and breastfeeding expert), "the nights are long but the years go fast," which I needed to read after two sleepless nights at our waterpark "vacation."

But the ride home was beautiful, with snow just like you describe in your post: untouched, smooth, and glistening.

Hang in there, and Croup be gone!