Thursday, January 08, 2009

Pukin' pirates

That dang shameless influenza bug got a hold of us and we spent the last week of winter break hosting a big vomit-o-rama fest complete with puke buckets, dry heaving, hot and cold flashes and those nasty aches and pains. We spent lots of time in front of the fire last week, while JB read aloud from The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo. Or we listened endlessly to The Peter Yarrow Songbook of Sleepytime Songs , which was a nice break from high energy goofiness of TMBG and Laurie Berkner. There is, of course, nothing like a good folk song to put one's miseries in perspective. We also learned to "fight recklessly and plunder mercilessly... to become the most famed pirate the world has ever seen" in a strategy board game called Pirate's Cove. A little couch time, extra naps, lots of Popsicles, movies and games and we rebounded just in time to cram as many activities into the weekend as possible. When we finally could get out, we went to see Act ReAct, an interactive exhibit at the art museum which the kids loved because when else can you run around in circles, jump, dance, touch and emit high pitched screeches in an art museum? And I assure you, me mateys, them much recovered buccaneers was a swashbucklin'. Aye! I soon be makin' them walk the plank, Arrrr!

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Brian said...

That flu has made its way through the extended Hinshaw-Lathrop family, although the four of us have somehow avoided it thus far. Sounds awful.

Thanks for the Peter Yarrow tip. I'm Berkner'd out myself. I've tried to push records from They Might Be Giants and Dan Zanes, but Sam and Caleb seem to have pure pop sensibilities...