Wednesday, January 21, 2009


My brain has turned to mush. It is mashed and soupy, sticky and clumped and microwaved on high. It is hard to think thoughts some days, thoughts with logic and reason, thoughts that reference a certain reality of concept and theory, history and politic. I feel like I am missing a certain intellectual aliveness that sparks parts of the brain that loading the dishwasher and picking up legos doesn't. Nevertheless, the dreamlike quality of life with a three year old is a universe unto itself. How exhausting must it be to be three? Just being a witness 24 hours a day to the wide moodswings and intense fits of energy is bone tiring. Of course, all will smooth out in time, as it always does, but today and most likely tomorrow I will rest my poor head and let the magical world of the toddler (always in revision) take me where it will.

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