Saturday, February 07, 2009

I'm a little airplane

We took a spontaneous trip to Oshkosh last weekend to check out Julian's science Olympiad competition. Julian identified anoles, bull frogs and horned lizards, while other kids tested their knowledge in herpetology, anatomy, cell biology and meteorology. We popped in just in time to see the trajectory and Wright Stuff: a great catapult event and a not so successful airplane liftoff. Julian stayed over in the UW dorms the night before and came home on a bus later that evening.

Meantime, we took Mai to the EAA Air Venture museum to check out their collection of aircraft including sea hawks, monoplanes, a gyrocoptor and a gyro plane, a hang glider, a Wright Flyer replica, biplanes, triplanes and volksplanes and many others in their "assortment of over 20,000 historic aviation objects." We had the most fun in the Kid Venture Gallery exploring an airplane cockpit, doing flight simulators, blasting off rockets, playing with robotic arms and wind machines.

Julian would have loved it, so we'll have to go back when they have their annual Fly-In at the end of July.

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