Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ink, paint, crayons and lots o' water

Maia's got the scribbles. She marks up the white walls of the bathtub, she brushes ink on parchment, smacks her hands full of white paint on black paper. She draws fats circles and delicate lines, large swirls and sweeping arcs with fat brushstrokes. She concentrates, carefully watching her brush move through thick paint. She fills the page almost entirely and sometimes she is satisfied with large swaths of negative space. And when she is done, she is done. She moves on to the next project and never looks back.

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Maryke said...

"She moves on to the next project and never looks back." So telling. So wonderfully inspiring, too. To create, not only without editing, but without judging. That is a double whammy free spirited little scribbler. I will take a lesson from her.