Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Reading Habits Part II

On a shelf above my sister's bunk bed were rows of Nancy Drew (yellow cover) and Hardy Boys (blue cover) books, which she would read one after the other, her head obscured by pictures of mysterious mansions, odd-looking characters in awkward positions. She read as if she could make the world disappear with the opening of a book and the occasional turning of the page. She took an interest in detective work and fancied herself a private investigator and had her own book of notations of the strange and unusual happenings that took place in and around the house.
But, she was credited with teaching me to read - in between the stacks at a library book sale.

When the letters finally merged into words and the words became meaning, I was transformed. The code was cracked. The black and white shapes now jumped from the page in simple, repetitive words: "Run Sally, Run!"
Part II of Reading Habits (my early memories of books and reading)

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