Monday, February 16, 2009

Reading Habits

I grew up surrounded by books. Book-shelves doubled as wall dividers separating makeshift bedrooms from the living and dining areas. The shelves reached high to the ceiling and displayed books of every color, heft, height and subject. Books lay in piles alongside beds, in stacks on the dining room table and were strewn across the hardwood floors. In our attic we housed a library - our collection of books bought at yard sales, thrift stores and church basements. We had over sized books with black and white photographs by Alfred Stieglitz, small paperback boxed sets by C. S. Lewis, Burial Grounds of Woodland Indians, the Beatles Songbook and Modern Toys. We had picture books, young adult novels, comic books, stories of Ernest Hemingway and poetry by Carl Sandburg. We were instructed to have clean hands, never to write in books or fold down the corners. Books were our friends we were reminded, only half in jest. We were read to and we read, with varying degrees of interest.

Excerpt from "Reading Habits" a zine project about early reading/book memories for my bookarts class.

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Maryke said...

Is this an excerpt from your assignment, i.e. your life...?