Monday, February 23, 2009

Running from the brush

As a rule Maia does not like getting her hair brushed. Also as a rule Maia loves running around the dining room table with loud music and the dog yipping at her heels. For the bi-weekly hair brushing (yup), I usually have to hold her down with my leg around her waist as a "seat belt," spray her hair until it is dripping wet with detangler and gently brush it with the "nice brush." So when she turned the running around the table game into chasing me with a hairbrush game, I couldn't resist the role reversing chase. When she caught me, I had to relent, frightened as I was. The final "do" was not fit for publication and even though I could not see through the wisps of hair over my eyes, my hairdresser took pride in her work and did brush, most importantly, "very gent tel ley."

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