Friday, March 20, 2009

"Spring" Break

It's the last day of my Spring Break and I am finally coming out of a seasonal fog. My poor brain was stuffed full of sinus pressure and it took me until this week to refill my nasal spray and now my head is starting to deflate. The week went from sunny and warm 70's to grey and cold 30's - no wonder my brain is in shock. Nevertheless, I did get some good spring cleaning done, except for the room I am now in, which is strewn with bills, reading assignments, notices from school, lists, appointment reminders, magazine clippings and piles of drawings and scribbles. As usual I was far too hopeful as to what I might get done this week and am terribly sad that the assignments and projects start up again next week. But with later hours of sunlight and (slightly) warmer weather, things can only be looking brighter...

We had spent a lot of time making mock up books with different bindings including Japanese Stab Binding, Coptic Stitch, pamphlet stitch and hard cover binding using lots of lovely papers and book cloth. The real work came when we had to fill those 20 or so pages with visual narrative content.