Monday, April 13, 2009

Lost and Found

I was waiting for this portion of the class, the box making section, and as labor-intensive as it was, I am happy to have completed two boxes made of book board and covered in book cloth and decorative paper. One even has compartments!

The first one we made, the smaller one, came with all the book board pre-cut from a company called Paper Source, which also had clear instructions on sizes of the cloth and paper. For the second one, we were on our own in terms of dimensions, paper and cloth sizes and divider lenghts. The planning, measuring and cutting took longer than the actual gluing together.

As for the class overall, I am a bit disappointed that the instructor has had a hard time stimulating discussion during critique time. For the first project she basically did all the critiquing herself, and for the second project, she had the artist speak about their work and then assigned one classmate to make comments. Despite the coffee and cookies she brought in, discussion was painfully sparse.  This last time she assigned a classmate to comment on another work first and then let artist explain his/her ideas, which makes more sense in order to get an unbiased impression about an artwork. Mostly though, the discussion returns to her opinions and ideas and what associations she makes with the materials or images. No wonder no one speaks. 

Frankly it is disappointing when an instructor, who may know how to make things really well, doesn't know how to guide a discussion, provide background or helpful
information that may be lacking or help students to think critically, not just do all the critical commentary herself.

My project ended up being a lost or found box that contained a collection of everyday objects that were compartmentalized and paired with an image that gave the object a new context, meaning and history.
And spring is such a good time for finding these little treasures that have been buried beneath the snow and leaves.

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