Saturday, April 25, 2009

Luck of the Spring

April is the rainy season and today like many other days this week, is wet and grey. The grass is greening up, pale yellow-green buds are sprouting from bushes and flies and ants have been spotted. Spring bulbs have grown thick leaves and flowered into yellow daffodils with tulips not far behind. Blue violets cover lawns, dandelions lift their fuzzy heads with strong necks and the crocus delicately pushes aside the dirt to make room for her short stem and wide flower.

It has finally warmed up fairly consistently, but I fear once I change my banner picture the temps will drop down into the nasty again. But we have enjoyed walks to and from class, to the library and playground and of course to the bakery for bread, cookies and coffee.

Maia has been watercoloring up a storm! We have been reading lots of library books (Owl at home by Arnold Lobel, There are cats in this book by Viviane Schwarz, You can't take a balloon into the Metropolitan Museum by Jacqueline Preiss Weitzman, Iggy Peck, architect by Andrea Beaty, I love my new toy! by Mo Willems and Skunkdog by Emily Jenkins) listening to Putumayo Dreamland cd's (Celtic and Asian), playing eboo Life on Earth matching game - this one looks even better with images by Charlie Harper, attempting to participate in Turn off TV week (does that include computers, laptops, phones, DS's and video games?) and thankfully, getting back into the spring baseball and soccer seasons.

I made a flag, flexagon and tunnel book this week and read "Seven Days in The Art World" by Sarah Thonton and felt much better about our critiques. Her chapter "The Crit" was as disturbing as it was absurd - 12 plus hour crits for three artworks at CalArts where the instructor says little to nothing and students sleep, eat and occasionally attack the artist for his/her work. Fun times I'm sure. How lucky I really am!

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