Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Too many people, too much

John and I got to get away last weekend, the first in many years. John had a Conference in NYC on Friday(along with a million dentists and Irish dancers with big curly wigs) and we celebrated a friend's wedding in Brooklyn on Saturday.

It worked out pretty well that I got to bum around Manhattan on Friday. I walked till my legs fell off - was a little scared of the subway, all the hurried, pushy people, the alphabet soup of rainbow trains, the blaring alarms, long lines and the too much swearing at the ticket machines. So I walked up to MoMA and saw a lovely bookarts/paper/print exhibit called Paper: Pressed, Stained, Slashed, Folded with works by Claes Oldenberg, Anna Maria Maiolino, Eva Hesse, Robert Smith and Joseph Beuys. Also, on exhibit was The Printed Picture which documents the history of printmaking from etchings to photographs to digital prints. Then there is the Kippenberger exhibit and installation, not to mention the permanent collection containting many Picassos, Monets, Miros, Van Goghs, Cezanes, Seurats, Kandinskis, and so on. This is where my brain turns to mush and I require much drinking of coffee on a nice concrete bench in Central Park where there are actually daffodils on the verge of blooming.

Although I didn't make it to Talas, which had just moved to Brooklyn last month, I did make my sewers' pilgrimage to Purl Patchwork for some Japanese cotton print (Kokka) and a party dress pattern (Oliver+S)... oooh the Liberty of London! We quickly toured the Center for Book Arts on West 27th street and saw a display of book sculptures by Jacqueline Rush Lee and many handmade letterpress books.

We also got to play with the dolls and toys FAO Schwartz, ate at Sam's Falafal, saw a late night swarm of bikes for a Critical Mass ride and visited the New York Transit Museum for tees and subway trains for the kids. We did finally ride the subway on a goofy, hiccuping trip back to the hotel after too many Coney Island Lagers.

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Jay said...

Fabulous photo, so much detail and depth.