Monday, May 11, 2009

I won't soon get the sight and scent of the cherry blossoms out of my head.

We all recovered well from our travels and are back home after a lovely family trip. We drove along the coast from Seattle to Portland, stopping at Seaside for an afternoon splash at the beach and then drove to the Northwest Portland Hostel where we stayed two nights. It was truly beautiful in Portland, warm, sunny, green and blooming. Yes, we will have that too, soon! The kids got to run and romp and and roll in the parks and yards and we slowed down then tempo of our sightseeing. We did visit the rose gardens, drink some yummy Rogue beer and walk around near the hostel (Paper Source shop!). Most importantly, though, we got to hang out with cousin Ollie and her lovely parents!

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Maryke said...

In the first picture, little Ollie looks a doll. Precious picture.