Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Scrap of Honesty

Thanks to Christi at Writing Under Pressure for thinking of me and passing along an award that allows me to tell you even more things about myself than you already know.

It shouldn't be too hard, right?  I did the facebook 25, I blog about family life and the kids and the arts and crafts we do, but honesty?  I try to stay a little to the left of honesty.  I try to write around things, to capture them in a circle of details and impressions as if I were outside looking in. And now I should write a few scraps of honest truths?  Dare I?  Won't they all sound as If I am still hiding something, after all I am!  Smoke and mirrors baby, smoke and mirrors and more smoke...

1.  Although I value creative play, my three year-old is a TV head, and the truth is that I am sooo grateful for the 45 minute blocks or so that she will sit on the couch and yuck it up in front of Peep and the Big Wide World, Charlie and Lola, Hello Kitty or Ruby and Max for the umpteenth time.

2. I guess I should admit that we encourage this by buying movies for her: Bolt, Bee Movie, Wall-E,  not to mention most of the Miyazaki films though the only ones appropriate for her are Kiki's Delivery Service and My Neighbor Totoro. And her grandpa further encourages her love of cinema by bringing over classic Disney every Sunday night like 101 Dalmatians, Fox and the Hound, Lady and the Tramp, Bambi and the like.

3.  And what do I do while she is watching her shows?  Laundry?  Loading the dishwasher?  Checking up on the older brother? Nah!  Reading trashy mags like US weekly or those ad-filled parenting mags that just show up in my mailbox and warn me of the dangers of too much tv...

4.  Since my slacker mom ways are shining through... when all the tv in the world has been watched, I still have the i touch with a few toddler "games" on it to keep her occupied for a few extra minutes until she starts back in with the juice requests, the "I have to go potty" declarations and the constant assaults on my personal space.

5. I made these Chocolate Chip Cookies adapted by Molly of Orangette three times in the last week - sinful and yummy and really the batter was better than anything I've ever tasted, though I prefer milk chocolate chips to the semi or bitter sweets. It also took three tries to actually wait the full 36 hours of refrigeration before baking them.

6. I love naps, but my sweet little kitty thinks that it is time to give them up and I am stuck in the denial/anger stage of grief over the loss of our nap time.

7.  Sadly, I haven't done any "art" for most of the summer except for a few ink drawings with Maia that look like a fifth grader could have made.

8.  And my brain is turning a slightly green color, growing fuzz around my right temporal lobe.

9.  I  appreciate kid-humor: for example, today as we were filling up old, expired surgical gloves with water, the 11 year-old said as one of the fingers in the glove expanded eighteen times its original size "look, my balloon has antidermitus," which then turned into a slew of jokes about that auntie Dermitus having elephantiasis of the handermitus. Luckily no one mentioned anything about "sausage digits."

10.  And finally, silliness aside, I do feel as if I am too often on the outside looking in, obsessively weighing, evaluating, and assessing over the minutest details of my life, my home, my work, my family and just for a bit, I do wish it would all just blur up a bit more once in a while.

Consider yourself bitten.  YOU on my blogroll (Brian, Jocelyn, Denise, Wendy?) or YOU who are not on my blogroll and could use an excuse for a post, carry on the scraping, after all it's not like you have to reveal all your secrets...

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