Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thirteen - It's Official

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It's official: Julian is a teenager. Papa John bravely took Juj and three friends to Wisconsin Dells for the day on Saturday to enjoy the unnatural attractions of roller coasters and water slides. The boys slept in the on the living room floor and couches and woke up groggy but ready for an epic burrito birthday party affair. Though the party went on and on for hours and hours, I took few photos; I was far too busy looking for my lost glass of wine, readying the burrito bar and socializing with all the friends and family that stopped by that day.

What flashed through my mind as I lay in bed that night were a handful of absurd and laughter-filled scenes that although they were not photographed they remain vivid in my mind:

1. Julian and Pat blowing out their candles with small balloon pumps and big smiles on their faces.

2. Joe-Joe passing out poppers before singing Happy Birthday and the loud confusion of singing, popping and confetti landing on the candles and in Amu's hair.

3. Stella-dog barking and chasing rocket balloons the kids launched in the house immediately after the popper incident.

4. Summer sitting in a puddle of bubbles that I just opened despite Courtney's warning that "bubbles are for outside."

5. Vida Mae and her Shirley Temple curls.

6. Maia and Gracie sitting on the couch playing constructively with "potty putty" and the turtle shaped putty I found in the toy camper van the next morning. Along with lots of other toys and games that were pulled from somewhere deep within Maia's closet.

7. Stella snatching someones burrito off a plate and the walk that I took her on shortly after thinking that something might explode from either her front or back end in which she pulled me down the block ribbons streaming from her collar from balloon kids had tied onto her, not stopping to sniff or mark, just yanking on her leash, anxious to get back to her party. Though she did graze on some of the 16 varieties of grass we have growing on the front lawn.

8. Kobe and Maia sending up the rest of the helium balloons with pictures, notes and names written on them long after the party ended.

9. The laptop cake Amu and Papa made for Julian with his photo on the "screen."

10. Julian opening the package sent by the US government containing his official passport; Welcome to the world kid, this time it is for real!

The few photos I took can be viewed here.

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