Friday, September 25, 2009

Useful things: the comfort of crochet

crocheted dishtowels
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I pulled out my collection of knitting and crocheting needles this week and was comforted by the process of making a few projects I found in Crochet Today - dish towels, a acorn and a halloween bunny hat. The yarn was soft cotton and the needle moved freely through loops and v's, warming my hands and relaxing my mind. A much different experience from the poof and hiss of the gas/oxygen flowing from the torch in the metals lab, the grating rub of the jeweler's saw and the piercing bangs of hammer on metal. The cooler fall weather is coming and what better way to keep warm than cotton and wool and bamboo yarns pulled and looped and wrapped together to make useful things?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Yellowing leaves and ripe tomatoes

The weather is cool and sunny, a bit dry, but the garden lives on. Kale, chard and green peppers stand strong, while the tangle of cherry tomatoes has dried out and drooped.  A mass of fruit has hit the soil (readying for next year's volunteers?) and another mass of ripe red cherry tomatoes is drying on the kitchen counter. Mums the word, and dahlia's too.  Maia has collected dry leaves and acorns, sticks and pine cones on her weekly nature walk with Papa and placed them just so on her nature table.  

Crafting has taken off since the block party where we beaded, made masks and other recycled crafts from egg cartons. Silver has been ordered and sawed, pierced and soldered and my first piece of metals created.
New Moo cards have arrived which are pretty darn fun and a trip to the outdoor market produced some vintage materials and trim.  A dress is being sewn, a washcloth crocheted and lots of tomato based foods are being prepared. The fall sun slants brightly, soccer games have commenced.  The autumn season is in the air with tulip bulbs to plant, bags of red apples brought home from the orchard and  banana bread baking in the oven.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Back to something resembling routine

Back to routine, or so we are trying.  Alarms ring at various times in the morning from three different clocks.  For the boys, each morning is the same; school and work, M-F, same time. And for the girls there is much more variability.  8 a.m. class two days a week,  with appointments, coffee dates, beach visits, play time and lab hours varying from day to day.  With the abrupt end of napping, we are reorganizing our afternoons to include some "quiet" play, an earlier start on dinner and getting that bedtime routine started earlier without forgetting the teeth brushing, hair washing and bath time.   For a couple of parents who like to go with the flow, (correction - go with their own flow) this is our hardest time - the beginning of a new school year.  There is quite a bit of unpredictability built into JB's work schedule, so we are also trying to figure out how to maintain structure and routine despite this and without mom burnout - high standards start somewhere...