Sunday, October 25, 2009

Copper Book Bracelet & Silver Rings

My first metals project was inspired by a poem I wrote last Spring and by the book form.  The text was etched using blue press and peel and bathed in ferric acid.  The arm bands were roller pressed so a slight imprint of string is visible, then soldered onto the base text piece.  The texture was made with a chasing hammer and everything is held together with a chicago bolt.  Liver of sulfur is the next step, along with lots more sanding and filing and fashioning of some sort of closure pin to keep the pages from sliding open.

Two rings complete, one cut and soldered the other pierced.  Many more to go!


Maryke said...

Your bracelet is beyond exquisite! Wearing your heart on your sleeve is now fashionable. The detail and hard work astounds me.

Shana said...

Thanks Maryke! You are too kind... The next project is a box with hinges... more soldering so wish me luck!