Friday, October 02, 2009

Late September Camping

Fishing off the dock on Lake Kegonsa near Madison: It was cool and overcast, but the sun poked through enough to keep us warm. This campground has two playground areas, a boardwalk through marshland and lots of hiking trails.  
Ko was the keeper of the fire, making sure my kettle was hot for "tea" and dishwater.
Julian kept the fire burning, the logs stacked and the poker hot.
A cool day for the beach, but rock hopping and toe dipping was fun; lots of holes, canals and castles were dug in the sand. We avoided the rain, ate lots of good food and stayed warm around the campfire while the fall foliage began to dry, change color and blow down around us. Acorns crunched beneath our shoes as we spotted rotting black walnuts and wild turkeys in the forest around our campsite.  We woke to the loud honking of Canadian geese flying towards warmer places and held our cups of campfire coffee close.

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