Friday, November 27, 2009

Milkweed Project - crocheted creation

The Milkweed Project, organized by artist Shan Bryan -Hanson, is a collaborative fiber arts project using knitted and crocheted pieces to link people and the natural word together. People from all over the world have created pieces in response to the milkweed seed and pod forms and they will be exhibited in a giant milkweed pod. My piece along with many others is pictured here at the Sticks and Stitches website. There are some amazing knit and crocheted pieces in with a wide variety of shapes, textures and techniques. I personally tried to create a piece that had the elements of softness and lace like the the seeds and the sturdiness and solidity of the pod. I was so happy to have found this project to keep me connected to fibers during this heavy metal period! More rings and metals projects to come...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Autumn Nature Birthday Party

So what do you do for a November Birthday Party?  It's too chilly for an outdoor picnic, but there is still a lot of inspiration in the changing nature of autumn.  

Nature collection from our autumn walks ready for kid crafting.

Party hats! Bamboo and recycled paper from Smock

Goodie Bags with acorn, squirrel, owl and tree stamps with lots of glitter.

Leaf, owl, acorn, pumpkin and butterfly cookies with lots of frosting.

Japanese bound coloring book.

Woodland animal coloring pages from First School

Nature and air dry clay sculpture made by the kiddos. A variation of the Montessori flower arranging activity we did here

Gathering around the table for autumn-colored chocolate cake.

Blowing out the candles; thanks for holding up the hat Willie!

Smiling faces; Cute as cake!

Autumn woodlands scene.  Holztiger toys from Moolka.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Happy Fourth Birthday Mai Mai! What a wonderful four years it has been! From infant to toddler to almost school-age, my Maia can now brush her own hair (!) draw beautiful pictures of her family (with hair and long legs and many arms!), sound out three letter words like Mom and Dad and Pop and Dog and says the sweetest things like "Mom, you are just what I always wanted."

She was amazed by the bed Grandpa made and said "I can't believe he made that by himself," and "I want to work on a tree bed when I'm grown up."

She also wanted a little brother or sister and requested three babies by the names of Percy, Emily and Thomas (can you guess the inspiration?). So we found her a lovely little sister named Hazel hand made by the lovely artisans at Bamboletta who was then renamed Stella, like our dog.

Auntie Steph came through as well with a baby sister for Hazel/Stella. And just look at that handmade quilt for the baby (who is also named Stella!)

So happy birthday dear Maia, you big four-year-old you! You are just what we always wanted!!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Birthday Bed - Lofted tree house

Grandpa Mike, artist, designer and carpenter!

Fully installed lofted tree bed made for Miss Maia

Decorated with butterfly lights and birds

Underneath the loft is a reading nook

Grandma's Butterfly blanket

Side view - opens with a hinge to create more play space

Maia's first reaction - what a surprise!

Peeking through the branches

Happily decorating

Lights at bedtime - a magical treehouse

In her new bed!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Fall Faries

These little girls have been spending quite a bit of time together lately, playing hide and seek and dress-up, making pictures with paint and glitter and sharing a good book together. Summer is not quite 3, but looks as big as Maia which doesn't work so good in the hand-me-down department.  But they can share dress up skirts and Summer is getting pretty good at keeping up with her cousin.  They had their first sleepover on Halloween night.  Maia punched out first and Summer tucked her in and made sure her ponies were nestled in nearby. I'm certain there will be many happy play dates to come.  

Maia's fourth birthday is coming up and with her love of nature walks and animals, we are planning a woodland party in a few weeks.  This must be a popular theme because there are a lot of party ideas on the web right now. We are skipping the fairy stuff and going straight for the woodland animals, forest crafts and fall colors.  I love the mushroom and woodland gnome cakes and the fall themed cookies.  The felted acorns and party pom poms are pretty fun too. I also loved checking in with this site Party Perfect which is full of party inspiration.