Monday, November 09, 2009

Birthday Bed - Lofted tree house

Grandpa Mike, artist, designer and carpenter!

Fully installed lofted tree bed made for Miss Maia

Decorated with butterfly lights and birds

Underneath the loft is a reading nook

Grandma's Butterfly blanket

Side view - opens with a hinge to create more play space

Maia's first reaction - what a surprise!

Peeking through the branches

Happily decorating

Lights at bedtime - a magical treehouse

In her new bed!


Brian said...

That is one tremendously cool bed.

Does Grampa Mike do contract work, and do you think he could make a bunk bed?

Christi said...

Here's to peaceful sleeping (and no more musical beds!)

Brittany said...

That bed is amazing! I'm a grown woman, and am jealous haha.

Shana said...

It is pretty cozy up there in the branches!