Monday, November 02, 2009

Fall Faries

These little girls have been spending quite a bit of time together lately, playing hide and seek and dress-up, making pictures with paint and glitter and sharing a good book together. Summer is not quite 3, but looks as big as Maia which doesn't work so good in the hand-me-down department.  But they can share dress up skirts and Summer is getting pretty good at keeping up with her cousin.  They had their first sleepover on Halloween night.  Maia punched out first and Summer tucked her in and made sure her ponies were nestled in nearby. I'm certain there will be many happy play dates to come.  

Maia's fourth birthday is coming up and with her love of nature walks and animals, we are planning a woodland party in a few weeks.  This must be a popular theme because there are a lot of party ideas on the web right now. We are skipping the fairy stuff and going straight for the woodland animals, forest crafts and fall colors.  I love the mushroom and woodland gnome cakes and the fall themed cookies.  The felted acorns and party pom poms are pretty fun too. I also loved checking in with this site Party Perfect which is full of party inspiration.

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