Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Happy Fourth Birthday Mai Mai! What a wonderful four years it has been! From infant to toddler to almost school-age, my Maia can now brush her own hair (!) draw beautiful pictures of her family (with hair and long legs and many arms!), sound out three letter words like Mom and Dad and Pop and Dog and says the sweetest things like "Mom, you are just what I always wanted."

She was amazed by the bed Grandpa made and said "I can't believe he made that by himself," and "I want to work on a tree bed when I'm grown up."

She also wanted a little brother or sister and requested three babies by the names of Percy, Emily and Thomas (can you guess the inspiration?). So we found her a lovely little sister named Hazel hand made by the lovely artisans at Bamboletta who was then renamed Stella, like our dog.

Auntie Steph came through as well with a baby sister for Hazel/Stella. And just look at that handmade quilt for the baby (who is also named Stella!)

So happy birthday dear Maia, you big four-year-old you! You are just what we always wanted!!

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