Sunday, December 27, 2009


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Our smiling snowman only lasted a day and then the rains shrank and melted him into puddles that ran down the sidewalks and gutters. There was rain on Christmas day this year, but more snow came a day later, light and puffy and white. Today the robins and cardinals pick happily at winter berries in the tree branches. Little tufts of snow sit on my lawn chairs and table and we crunch and squeak and slide our boots down the walkway. We sat by the fire drinking sparkling juice and coffee while opening our gifts Christmas Eve, missing those that could not be here to celebrate with us. We ate chilies and eggs wrapped up in tortillas for brunch, nibbled on coconut cookies dipped in chocolate. drank more coffee and opened more gifts as Christmas spread itself out over the last three days. But I keep thinking back to before the rains melted the snows; there was the word "lucky" spelled into the snow at the edge of the driveway. No one know who wrote it or why, but to be sure, it is indeed what we are.