Saturday, January 30, 2010

You, me and a pot of coffee

Coffee, Tea or Rust

We met under a weeping willow,

Near the banks of a muddy river.

You didn’t drink coffee,

Said cafés were loud and smoky.

Didn’t drive either,

Until I taught you in my rusty 1970 Super Beetle.

You sent me black tea from Africa in a wooden box

And Batiks of women hauling water in pots and babies on their backs

I was up all night making prints in the darkroom

And imitating Plath in my journals.

You studied biology and anatomy

Said we’re all just cells

You showed me the cadaver from the medical lab

And paced the halls of the hospital in 48 hour shifts.

Medicine, you said is Voodoo

As you cut obituaries out of the paper as if you were 80

Your cousin says “rust never sleeps”

As we eye the underside of our old Honda

Holding our patch and spray paint.

But the living room floor is strewn with toys

I dip colored fabric into hot wax

Carry a baby in a front sling

Drink decaf lattes with a shot of vanilla.

Now the kitchen table is hidden under medical journals

and watercolor paper, Report cards and glitter.

We drink large mugs of coffee every morning

From a French press,

Whole bean and freshly ground.

And I get teas in pretty tins for Christmas,

Herbal and fragrant.

We kiss in front of the stove.

The kettle whistles.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Victory Garden Box

"Grow what you eat" etching on front, blades of grass etching on top.

Top view of textured shelf, hinges on top and sides.

Needle felted carrots.

Inside view without shelf. More etching and texturing and shelf platforms.

Jump ring root chains

Metals, will I miss you???

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Into the New

Originally uploaded by monpon.

The snow is packed tight to the sidewalks and lawns, hard and crusty and spotted with patches of grass and paper-thin leaves. Not enough to play in, just enough to look like January. Christmas trees wrapped in blowing plastic lie by the side of the road, bushes are staked and covered in rough burlap, snow creatures melted and frozen bend into odd shapes. Still, the grayness is fended off by bright lights strung from windows and eaves of the houses on our block, huge spheres of light hang from trees fifteen feet tall, bright bows are tied tightly to porch railings and brown trees are wrapped in white lights.

Blocks and dolls, books and games are keeping us busy inside by the the crackle and pop of a fire. Popcorn popped in a kettle on the stove, hot chocolate with marshmallows, a mattress left in the middle of the living room for Maia to jump on. A fog machine, disco ball, flashing lights and loud music kept the little ones dancing late into New Year's eve. Now, new priorities, back to a regular routine and hopefully a bit more snow to play in and January can't be so bad!