Monday, March 15, 2010

Help for Haiti

The Children's center at the university held a fundraiser for a hospital in Haiti last week in conjunction with the Loop Yarn Shop. Together they raised at least $3,000. The school aged kids organized the sale and knitted many scarves and hats. Friends and families donated other hand knit/crocheted items. I made a couple of washcloths and a baby blanket to donate and came away with a lovely pink scarf for Maia and a set of red booties for her doll. A great deal all the way around!

Soon my mom is heading to Haiti for a medical mission for 10 days and mentioned that she could use some small toys for the children to play with while they waited with their parents to see the doctors. "Simple" she said, so I though of the felted balls I made last winter. Along with a few books, these will travel with her to Haiti.... so they know that many people are thinking about them after they have gone through so much loss and destruction.

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