Monday, May 03, 2010

Making Plans for Nigel

Well, not exactly plans for Nigel, since he has his future in British Steel. But for Mai and Juj, since these two could run a circus around here if left to their own devices. Most photos lately have shown one or both with the crossing of eyes, sticking out of tongues, or just the "talk to the hand" pose.

I am happy to strike a balance between structured and free-range type activities, for I have found that for kids, a little structure goes a long way and lazy days are absolutely necessary for all of us. But of course for my own sanity I need to have some sort of schedule. Schedule, plan, structure; something to punctuate the day.

Mr. Juj will finally be able to use that passport he got on his last birthday in June when he and JB go to South Africa for the World Cup (Bafana, Bafana - South African Soccer Team) in June. Beyond that, we have planned a week of overnight camp, soccer and a Lego robotics class. Then a little camping, a visit to the great Northern woods and maybe a trip to the Boundary Waters, and I think we are in business.

As for Mai Mai, we have found lots of fun things to do over the winter: Music Together, ballet with Danceworks, and many trips to the library and park. This spring we are going with Mikro soccer and later in the summer some rec. classes in art, gymnastics and swim.

So if you are looking for things for your kids this summer in the Milwaukee Area, here are some suggestions:

College for Kids/Teens at the University of WI - Milwaukee

Community Recreation programs (available in most communities)

Lake Park Little League (also available in most other communities)

For the littler ones:

Community Recreation programs

For weekly programs refer to the Milwaukee Moms Events Calender

I looked into teen programs in engineering and didn't find much in WI, so if you know of any summer programs for teens in engineering, drop me a note or leave a comment. More activities listed in older posts here and here. Happy planning.

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