Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Starting seeds

Starting seeds
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As many people have noticed, the color scheme here in the midwest is changing. It started with the swell of wood violets growing among the green blades of grass, then the sprouting of red and green roots of poppies, peonies and hastas. Now the yellows have called forth in the perfection of the daffodils and the blossoming of the forsythia. We, too, have started planting for our summer garden; peppers, broccoli, lettuce and basil. Since the blight of our tomatoes last summer left the soil depleted, we will only plant a few of those longed for sweets, and in a different part of the garden. I am still sprinkling chopped frozen kale into sauces and mixing up walnuts with the pesto mix of last summer, but we are nearing the end of the supply. So it is fitting that we get out there and start sowing our own colors into the already blooming gardens that surround us.

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stephanieP said...

hope your garden of people and plants grows luxuriously this spring! we'll see you when the strawberries are ripe..