Saturday, May 01, 2010

April Showers

January may be the coldest month, but April was certainly the most fickle. The hot sun warmed my back during high noon and the frost came fast in the late evenings. The rains pummeled down for days making the grass grow high in uneven tufts. Dandelions heads light up the yard and the sweet smells of tree blossoms waft over the fence.

We bundle up in winter clothing for soccer and baseball games, then run in the yard chasing balls and airplanes in shorts and tees during warmer days. Allergies and sinus infections, colds and coughs report from small bodies that the season is in flux.

What remains the same is the routine of daily tasks: loading the dishwasher, washing clothes, filling cups of juice and milk, sweeping up dust, wiping crumbs and noses, baking pans of enchiladas, flipping pancakes, blending smoothies, grinding coffee, boiling water and running baths.

So we make plans for summer, register for classes, camp and swimming lessons, look forward to trips up north and visits from family. We adapt, we wing it, as we move through the changes, reminding ourselves of the best parts of the day as we lay in bed at night, knowing that May will bring more sunshine and sprouts as we transition into what soon will be summer.

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