Wednesday, June 09, 2010

8th Grade Graduate

Julian will be graduating from 8th grade in a few days and I've made a point to get some decent shots of him. Decent meaning no hand up in front of his face, no tongue sticking out and no sour faces. I had to get him in action, at a concert or lined up for baseball team photos. And now I see how much he looks like me, with his hair grown long and his closed-mouth smile, though he has a few inches on me already.

We have spent time chatting in the car on the way to games or walking home from school events - the best ways to get him talking. I am continually surprised at his calmness and confidence, even when he strikes out or bombs an assignment. He is stepping through childhood and into young adulthood and he can oscillate between these worlds quite quickly. He may need help finding his shin guards or keys but he doesn't need help with his opinions.

A hint of rebellion is settling in too - the idea that he should do exactly what he wants regardless of his parents' or teachers' direct instructions. Luckily, a measure of reason is available to him when he chooses, though that hasn't prevented lengthy conversations about his responsibilities and the consequences that come with not taking them seriously. Surely we have a long road ahead of us as he enters High School.

Nonetheless, he is excited about summer break, camping, leisurely days and a long awaited trip to Cape Town for the World Cup with dad next week!

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Jamie Ponto said...

Blimey! You are NOT comes Generation 2 of, well, blimey!