Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rain and Shine

We have had some pretty heavy downpours and lots of light rain in the last week or two. This means raincoats, rubber boots and umbrellas during dog walks and soccer games. But the trees, bushes, flowers and plants are verdant with thickening foliage and beautiful blooms.

So, when the sun shines, it is warm and lovely; beguiling the body out of doors. My senses are sweetened by color and scent. Each day new blooms emerge, the poppies and peonies make way for the roses and lilies. Raspberry buds are firm and green; the cilantro is beginning to seed. Bunnies lounge in the grass after nibbling on lilies and chard and the huge-bellied robin is building her nest under the eves of the garage. The days begin early and end late as we conduct more and more activities outside: picnics and bike rides, soccer practice and walks through the park. It is enough just to be outside. It is enough.

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