Monday, July 26, 2010

Flooding, Again

This is the view from my front porch during the torrential downpour last Thursday evening. We had about 7 inches of rain in under 2 hours. The sewers were overwhelmed and many of the streets in my neighborhood ran like rivers. Around the city, sink holes opened up, foundations were crushed, and cars stalled in water up to their windshields. Thousands of basements flooded, many with sewage. Now piles of refuse are heaped outside of houses as the clean-up begins. Devastation is wide-spread - $28 million of damage and FEMA is apparently on its way.

Here is some footage of the flooding in my neighborhood:

We had about 6 inches of rain water in our basement and have finally dried out. We had water in with the dry clothes in the dryer and found our fans and dehumidifier floating in water. They have all dried out and amazingly still work. We threw out many items that were ruined and are still sweeping up the dirt and bleaching the floors.

It was chaos that night. I was driving in circles trying to go the 1 mile to pick up Maia at daycare - every direction I turned cars were stalled in waste deep water. And the rain just kept falling. After about 40 minutes of driving I finally found a possible thoroughfare, though it too was flooded. I watched nervously as 4 or 5 cars went around me and made it through the flooded intersection. I gritted my teeth and pushed the accelerator. From there it was mostly higher ground and I made it to the day care center about 15 minutes late. Meanwhile, Julian was at home by himself and the lights were flashing on and off and water was filling up the basement. I knew I wasn't going to make it back through those intersections again, so I followed my brother-in-law back to his house in more pouring rain. John made it home before me by walking two miles to our house, abandoning his car when he realized that he could not get any closer. It was totally surreal and it remains so today as the piles grow bigger and more widespread and neighbors share their hardships with each other.


Jamie Ponto said...

wow. thought i was on one doe press for a minute. and you know how i feel about THAT blog.

RuthieLive said...

Wow That water is amazing @RuthieAppleby