Friday, October 29, 2010

It's nearly November?

The new fall routine must have swallowed me up, whole. At least as well as blogging goes. It is true that my 8am classes pull me awake before the sun is shining and my new best friend is the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator. But the semester is half over; the kids have settled into their new routines of high school and kindergarten, and the chilly autumn wind has been blowing for a while now. Julian's soccer season has ended and Maia's 5th birthday is just around the corner.

I find myself in a new place now, concentrating more on school and less on home. John's work schedule has been adjusted and we now have family dinners together every night. I have been reading Julian's freshman english class books alongside him and we have been discussing plot and setting, themes and writing style. Maia is writing up a storm and beginning to recognize high frequency words.

We got a new roof, two weeks of hammering and nailing and now no more squirrels will winter in our attic anymore. And best of all, we adopted a new dog, a sweet, affectionate little 2 year old corgi mix named Kylee, who lounges on the couch and sleeps at the foot of our bed. The cooler weather has brought out her spunk and her timidness is beginning to leave her. She appears in Maia's drawings often with a big smile on her doggy face.

Pumpkins have been carved and costumes picked out. Soon the trick or treaters will swarm the front door and November will be upon us. We'll watch till the last leaves drift to the ground.